A Little About Me

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A Little About Me

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I am, in the most succinct form possible, a J/24 sailor, a loose poker player, a closeted music major, a wannabe math major, and a programmer.

Over the past few years I have worn many hats. After dropping out of RPI to pursue a startup idea I launched a boat rental business which I ran to a surprising amount of success. I have also had the opportunity to serve as the Property Host at one of the most exclusive boutique hotels in the country. Here I was responsible for personalizing the guest experience and would host the dinners and cocktail hours. Here I learned a lot about etiquette and high-society while rubbing shoulders with some of the world's elite, and was even trained towards sommoliere-ship.

I've since decided I like programming more than wine, so I'm back in school and planning to graduate with a degree in mathematics and computer science in Spring 2025.

I've contributed to a number of open source projects used by thousands, and since returning to school I've been lucky to join a couple research projects in the fields of web-accessibility and applying machine learning to solve combinatorial (mathematical counting) problems. My research was chosen as 1 of 12 in the nation to presented in Washington DC to legislators the heads of the NSF in 2023. It has also been presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Francisco 2024.

This summer I've been interning at Trusted Nurse Staffing doing a mix of data engineering and fullstack web development. In other words, I try to move around big spreadsheets without breaking things and help make the website look pretty.

This fall I'll be interning at Amazon in Seattle.

When I'm not programming, you'll probably find me sailing on Lake Champlain or attending the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.